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Added the Table of Scenes to the google doc.

I am currently working on '61. The rose and the aptar' (Rose and Aptar? The Aptar and the Rose? idk quite). It's grandiose.

I look at the table and am both excited by how close I am to a finished draft, and dismayed by how far it still is. But I'm also clearly closer to being finished with the 'coming down to the end and ending' missing part of the book than the 'big chunk in the middle about Lial's emancipation' missing part of the book. Those are the two big missing chunks! They aren't small chunks, but still, just the two.

Oh, and Pattern has a soccer game before the intimate misunderstanding sequence, but by the time I get around to it, that should be fun to write. Maybe that will be the last scene I finish.

And then it will be finished. (The rough draft, anyway).

The Lives of St. Valerai:

1. Earthworms feeding lions

2. Polite boundaries

3. Fourth Radial Track takes care of our own

4. Pattern

5. Valerai of the public eye

6. Cafe date

7. The airship

8. *[Unwritten] Valerai hunting (Unfinished)

9. *[Unwritten] Pursuit

10. An intimate misunderstanding

11. Kept in the garden

12. *[Unwritten] Sunset park

13. Violence

14. *[Unwritten] Sylvie

15. Interlude in the bower

16. *[Unwritten] Young love and fast dogs

17. Position

18. Cinnamon rose

19. *[Unwritten] Favored

20. *[Unwritten] Food chain

21. The feast of the Rosegardens

22. As though she was formed of moonlight

23. Guardians, morning

24. *[Unwritten] Arrival

25. *[Unwritten] Rebuke

26. *[Unwritten] Comfort

27. *[Unwritten] Common humanity

28. *[Unwritten] Reprisal

29. *[Unwritten] Curation

30. *[Unwritten] Deerstalking in Urkatriabek

31. *[Unwritten] Targeted

32. *[Unwritten] Ice

33. *[Unwritten] Pattern and Precision

34. *[Unwritten] Injuries

35. Precision at the office

36. *[Unwritten] Competition; cooperation

37. Precision and the Groundkeeper

38. * [Unwritten ] Valerai in private

39. And the wild teeri were not frightened of her presence

40. Hunger and the white stag

41. Orchid’s story

42. Honor, travel, transitions

43. Kennel; pack

44. The morning after

45. Civilized behavior

46. Fitting

47. Homecoming

48. Hard work

49. The tacana

50. St. Valerai

51. Carp and water

52. Revelry; return

53. Run

54. Language; liquid

55. Diplomacy with bears

56. Rational argument

57. Shelf-stable

58. Neighboring

59. Festival

60. Equinox willows

61. *[Unwritten] The rose and the aptar

62. *[Unwritten] Threat

63. *[Unwritten] nuptial scene et seq (harvest/late fall)

64. *[Unwritten] return from nuptial scene

65. *[Unwritten] Poachers in Fourth-radial

66. Honest dogs

67. Snow tunnels

68. *[Unwritten] The hunt ; Ending sequence

6*. *[Unwritten] Ferriin and Orchid et seq (winter) final ending sequence

7*. *[Unwritten] Message from the Seacaptain epilog
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