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I keep watching this. It's so cute, and the art is beautiful!

So I had a great time at FC! Sharing a dealer's table with Kyn was really fun, it's always great to see everyone who I generally only see at these things, I drew lots and lots, and I came back very inspired to do more art. I am resolved to create more of it generally this year, and come to next year's FC far more well prepared. We shall see how that goes.

Unfortunately, I seem to have caught the king of the con crud; I feel better now, but am STILL sniffling. Wretched. I can trace it to the first day in the dealer's room when the AC broke, and the place was horrible for most of the afternoon. Other than that, though, fun con.
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It's a Korean animated film about an escaped egg farm hen and her interactions with wild ducks. It's dark, far more graphic than a Western film aimed at a younger audience would be, and quite beautiful. Also, its romantic, handsome, athletic heroes are...mallards. I am vastly entertained at the character designs for square-jawed, chiseled...mallards.

Worth watching, especially for those who identify strongly with mustelids, chickens or ducks.
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It's a little dark.
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Saw this on the Google+ page of someone who friended me although I have no idea who she is. There are several people here who should love this, and I enjoyed both the poem and the animation.

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Oh, how neat. I just found a Merrie Melodies short that was one of my very favorite childhood cartoons. I probably haven't seen this since I was ten.

More info about the short is here.

Fun fact: metal dog garden statues were very fashionable in the late Victorian-early Edwardian era, but many of them were melted down for artillery in the wars, as is shown in this cartoon. Terhune mentions them in 'Grey Dawn.' Surviving examples are rare and valuable, and I would very much love to have a replica some day.
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This is adorable. Via Kyn. Somewhere in France, an undoubtedly underappreciated animator kicks ass. And all the cute puma cubs drink Orangina.

We can has female version next? With lionesses, maybe.


Nov. 25th, 2008 10:40 am
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1. 'Bolt' was shockingly good. I went with [ profile] illucian, [ profile] eclipsegryph and [ profile] kynekh_amagire, who were gracious enough to let me drag them to a cutesy talking animals flick that they'd barely heard of on short notice. Thanks, guys! I liked the film. It was basically Buzz Lightyear + The Truman Show + The Incredible Journey, but it was sweet and exciting with sympathetic characters (well, other than the hamster, who I kept hoping the cat would eat) and really pretty art. Disney, why did you not promote this film better? You did such a good job on it.

2. Kestrel and I also saw 'Twilight.' It too was much better than I was afraid that it would be, though when reading the thing I did think that it would make a better movie than it did a book. (It does; its simple plot lets it be largely a mood piece, which is its strength). The movie is pretty and fun and really quite sweet, although this is the most sanitized and bloodless vampire story I've yet encountered. The audience of sighing and tittering adolescents was pretty entertaining, too.

...not enough for me to put it under a cut, though. /shrug/ I don't know that anyone reading my journal will care, but
Still, I had the same main problem with both versions of the story: why do these two kids fall for each other so hard, fast and completely? It's not like there is any convincing chemistry between them, although the idea that Edward likes Bella precisely because he can't read her thoughts...if he could, she'd be as boring as everyone else...causes me dark amusement. Alas, the author doesn't seem to be going anywhere so interesting as this. Stalking=sexy disturbs me a bit, too. Oh yeah, and why is the whole vampire family so keen to welcome a human? I thought they didn't like the idea to begin with? Where is this turmoil that gets mentioned at the beginning and then pretty much completely ignored?

All of this 'huh what?' factor that kept coming up for me in the book made so much more sense after reading This highly amusing lj entry. Apparently, the author is a Mormon housewife, and the story, either deliberately or unconsciously, fits handily into Mormon belief systems like predestined life mates and the family that decides as one in perfect agreement. OK, so they are Mormon vampires. That explains everything.

Wait, Mormon vampires are the "in thing" right now?


/giggles helplessly/

go watch Bolt, especially if you're a furry type or a pet lover.
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Via my evil and also extremely awesome girlfriend who finds stuff like this. Thanks, lioness. I think...
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Slightly lower than my general taste, but it's all in good fun and for a good cause. It also includes a beautifully animated octopus, although I kind of wish they'd given him more accurate eyes.

I would be all too happy to welcome such a guest. ;D And my house lost most of its carpets after Rogue's puppyhood, which is actually a pretty good, if embarrassing, story.

A bit of a gripe, though...the new, more energy-efficient bulbs are slightly wider or longer or something than the old ones. This means that they just barely don't fit some of my fixtures. I discovered this the other day while perched on an unstable stool, attempting to wrestle with the light above my head, whilst uttering many colorful metaphors and trying to selectively forget my aversion (it doesn't quite rise to phobia level, but I'm less comfortable than many) around glass and the possible breakage thereof. rrrrrrrrrrrrr. It would have been so hard to make the new ones match the size of the old ones? /plaintive kvetching/.

As always, if you love me, send me cephalopod tidbits. ;)
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The animation is excellent, it's really cute, the violinist doing the music is very good, and it's about octopodes. What more could you want? Thank you for the heads up, [ profile] cphoenix.


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