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I keep watching this. It's so cute, and the art is beautiful!

So I had a great time at FC! Sharing a dealer's table with Kyn was really fun, it's always great to see everyone who I generally only see at these things, I drew lots and lots, and I came back very inspired to do more art. I am resolved to create more of it generally this year, and come to next year's FC far more well prepared. We shall see how that goes.

Unfortunately, I seem to have caught the king of the con crud; I feel better now, but am STILL sniffling. Wretched. I can trace it to the first day in the dealer's room when the AC broke, and the place was horrible for most of the afternoon. Other than that, though, fun con.
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It's a Korean animated film about an escaped egg farm hen and her interactions with wild ducks. It's dark, far more graphic than a Western film aimed at a younger audience would be, and quite beautiful. Also, its romantic, handsome, athletic heroes are...mallards. I am vastly entertained at the character designs for square-jawed, chiseled...mallards.

Worth watching, especially for those who identify strongly with mustelids, chickens or ducks.
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I had a strong ride!

Here is an amazing photostream of antique dog photos. Beautiful.

This one really captures borzoi-ness.
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This is just cool, in that way-over-the-top 1930s sort of way. Look for a bunch of trained borzoi at around 3:00 (I love the one who yawns as the dancer dances over him) and pretty pinto ponies with gilded hooves thereafter.
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Guinness has always had the best ads. It's funny, and there's a handsome border collie doing his thing; what's not to like?
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It's a little dark.
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Saw this on the Google+ page of someone who friended me although I have no idea who she is. There are several people here who should love this, and I enjoyed both the poem and the animation.

Music Meme

Jun. 13th, 2011 11:44 am
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'neath the cut you'll find a selection of (mostly) my favorite music. My taste is a little weird, so have fun with that and consider yourself warned. Meme by way of [ profile] kynekh_amagire.

Listening to all of these songs and putting this together was surprisingly thought-provoking; an examination of my life through favored music scavenged up on YouTube.

Some musics Jackel said to listen to )
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I came across this site, which boasts a bunch of links to neat old silent films which show that the trope of the heroic, romanticized collie is a lot older than 'Lassie.' I find this stuff amusing and fascinating, especially since I really didn't know many of the details about the breed's history before I decided to obtain one.

There's also something just fundamentally trippy and weird about seeing a film over 100 years old.

more of them under the cut )
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Oh, how neat. I just found a Merrie Melodies short that was one of my very favorite childhood cartoons. I probably haven't seen this since I was ten.

More info about the short is here.

Fun fact: metal dog garden statues were very fashionable in the late Victorian-early Edwardian era, but many of them were melted down for artillery in the wars, as is shown in this cartoon. Terhune mentions them in 'Grey Dawn.' Surviving examples are rare and valuable, and I would very much love to have a replica some day.
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I love coyotes and was pleased when some of my friends shared this charming link about a family that is thriving in Chicago. Cute!


Sep. 21st, 2010 01:44 pm
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Thanks, [ profile] furtech for letting me know about "Mongrels." It's a BBC sitcom with 'Simpspons'-ish humor featuring animal puppets, and it is quite hilarious.

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I may have laughed and laughed. But now I know the proper methods by which to skillfully massage an opossum.

(omg, that animal is so cute).

Ceph love

Jul. 28th, 2010 03:25 pm
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Awesome cepphies, charming scientist, and the story behind the amazing invisible octopus video. Good stuff.
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I'm not often pleasantly surprised by the media, but I'm glad that I saw 'Toy Story 3' last night. It's rare that the Rio Theater shows a film I want to see at a time I want to see it, but I love the place for its funkiness. Getting to see it at the Rio was a treat just for that. As for the film, it was cute and fun, about as good as the second, doesn't touch the first.

Plot spoilers are very mild, but you're warned, regardless:

The thing that pleasantly surprised me was the Ken/Barbie subplot, which turned out to have the most interesting character development in the story. When I saw that they were doing a very "gay stereotype" Ken, I was ready to be angry and offended, but in my opinion they actually did a cool thing with it. The Ken character goes from villain to hero in a way that accentuates, portrays as positive and even encourages his "gay or feminine" qualities. I'm sure that one could construct a defensible position that the character was still offensive, but I thought that it provided a comforting and hopeful image for queer kids.

Gender win from Disney. Who would have thought?

For something completely different, take a look at this incredible mechanical/steampunk cheetah , which is one of the most wonderful pieces of sculpture I've ever seen. I LOVE this thing. Want to see it in person.

As long as I'm sharing art links, have this stunning cloth made of spider silk. The best thing about it is that they tried not to harm the spiders. The next best thing, after the fact that this is omg so perfectly beautiful and I want to pet it, is that it involves Victorian spider bondage. No, really. Spider harnesses!

I can add 'ribbon or cravat made from naturally golden Malagasy spider silk' to my list of "Awesome Things I would really, really love to have if I lived in my fantasy world."

Still pedaling at hour three. This is hard.

Clean Dogs

Jul. 4th, 2010 07:12 pm
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I have replicated my results three times now, and so am ready to unveil my finest (and, ok, only) culinary creation. Dear readers, I give you:

(Jackel's) Clean Dogs

In blender, add:

1 can of ginger ale
2 Tbsp. frozen orange juice concentrate...I used Hawaii's Own orange/passionfruit
1/2 cup frozen, cubed pineapple
5 ice cubes
1 to 1/2 shot of light rum
1 to 1/2 shot of coconut rum

Blend until liquefied. Makes one pitcher. This is light, extremely foamy and absolutely delicious. If you like fruity rum drinks, this is a thing you should try. For authentic experience, enjoy while washing 4 extra-furry dogs on a hot day.

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This is adorable. Via Kyn. Somewhere in France, an undoubtedly underappreciated animator kicks ass. And all the cute puma cubs drink Orangina.

We can has female version next? With lionesses, maybe.

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First, a startling piece of's a ceph eat ceph world out there. Thanks, [ profile] eclipsegryph for the link.

And to cool down after that one, here's one that's just all about awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsomeness.

Octopus wants your technology! And I want to know what song that is because I need to go find it and put it on my ipod.


May. 5th, 2010 05:57 pm
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Kyn showed me this movie the other night, and I liked it enough, and it's poorly known enough, that I want to suggest it here. It's a beautiful, thoughtful, extremely artistic film, and beyond that it's a sci-fi action sort of confection independently made on an nonexistent budget, which is pretty cool. It manages to be both very dark and basically a happy movie, which is another cute trick, and plays with tropes in interesting ways.

/the jackal shares her carrion./
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OK, I am still pretty tired from a wonderfully fun couple of days and now must catch up with things needing done at home, but I gotta share this.

It was only a matter of time before we caught an octopus using tools. Of course they do it with style and enough cuteness to make my brain leak right out my ears.

I love you, tiny little clever okkie.


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