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I keep watching this. It's so cute, and the art is beautiful!

So I had a great time at FC! Sharing a dealer's table with Kyn was really fun, it's always great to see everyone who I generally only see at these things, I drew lots and lots, and I came back very inspired to do more art. I am resolved to create more of it generally this year, and come to next year's FC far more well prepared. We shall see how that goes.

Unfortunately, I seem to have caught the king of the con crud; I feel better now, but am STILL sniffling. Wretched. I can trace it to the first day in the dealer's room when the AC broke, and the place was horrible for most of the afternoon. Other than that, though, fun con.


Jan. 16th, 2013 01:09 pm
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zomg Furcon! Am I prepared? Well, enough. If you're gonna be there, drop by and see me. Kyn and I have dealers' tables and will hopefully sell lots of badges and sundry. I am really disappointed with myself for not having Bone Shard ready to launch---I have the entire Book 1 (and a lot of Book 2, which I have been holding back until I have completed a long scene with which I am almost done); I just need to finish the cover and incidental art. The year has been busy and I am sad that I haven't been more artistic with it...but hey, I am drawing now, and will be drawing at the con. Hopefully, it will be oodles of fun! Yay!
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It's a Korean animated film about an escaped egg farm hen and her interactions with wild ducks. It's dark, far more graphic than a Western film aimed at a younger audience would be, and quite beautiful. Also, its romantic, handsome, athletic heroes are...mallards. I am vastly entertained at the character designs for square-jawed, chiseled...mallards.

Worth watching, especially for those who identify strongly with mustelids, chickens or ducks.

Bitch bitch

Jun. 3rd, 2012 11:26 am
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Does anyone else hate the flashy ad banners on Fur Affinity? Honestly, I loathe them; I like that FA has artist ads, but flickering images and text hurts my tender eyeballs, makes me mad at the artist in question and much less likely to look at their page, and without question makes me use the site less. Rawr.
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While I begin work on Book 2 of Bone Shard (there are 5 new pages! But you probably won't see them for a few weeks), have two new comics.

This first was a way to vent steam at those irritating people who come to your door sometimes, peddling their religion like it was cheaply made cosmetics. It was inspired in part by someone who left me a bad(ly drawn, written, reasoned...) religious comic, and you all have my permission to print this out and exchange it for any material such persons may attempt to share with you. You'll find that one here.

This next one is about my dog, who I am going to feed now, because I like his bones to be girded in flesh. Get with the program, Noble Collie Bliss.

My mood is: entertained by the universe, irritated with the dog!
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The above is a link to page 45, which continues to the end of book one. I have finished a whole fourth of this story! I even introduce, more or less, most of the rest of the relevant characters. The romantic leads have bickered with one another. There's progress.

I've started the pencils on Book 2, but my most pressing issue is to go back and re-letter some of the older pages to give it a somewhat more consistent style, and then prepare it for posting on its own website. The goal is to have all of this done well before FC.
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I am just back from Furcon and had a great time...I'm still completely con-crashed, of course, especially since I stopped for my weekly dance lessons on the way home from the con, just to make sure that I was absolutely exhausted, not just a little exhausted.

It was a really fantastic convention, though. Speaking of dancing:

[ profile] corpsefairy and I had a lot of fun foxtrotting in the fursuit dance competition, although we'd have been better if we had more opportunity to practice our routine. (I'm the lead in the gold leopard mask; she's the follow in the silver leopard. The heads will be better next year, too; I ran out of time and had to rush them). I giggle at the commentary to the video that claims we were "choreographed perfectly," though of course I'm happy that we were appreciated. What I led on stage was only roughly approximate to the routine we'd planned, partly because we had more stage than we were expecting and partly due to leader error. I was literally weak-kneed with stage fright, but I'm pleased to see on the vid that I don't look nearly as bad as I was afraid I looked. I'm fully aware of every glaring flaw in my performance there of course, but hey, it's a recognizable foxtrot.

I just began silver level lessons (omg omg how did that happen??), so next year's performance may be a silver foxtrot. If it isn't a Quickstep.

I have to say that it was extremely amusing to be the only slow ballroom dance in a show full of techno acts---some of which were jaw-droppingly amazing and all of which were quite good, but variety is nice. I'm making it a bit of a personal goal to encourage more partner dancing in the fandom, and to that end [ profile] corpsefairy and I taught a waltz lesson on Saturday. I have never taught dance before, so let's just say that I now have a greater appreciation for my own teachers. Still, the class was really fun, we had good attendance and people were totally waltzing at the end! We will be doing all of this again next year, only hopefully with more preparation, more space and a better floor.

I did quite well in the art show and adequately at the dealer table, especially given that I had no real table decoration, prints to sell etc. and have not been a terribly active artist, other than my comic, for a couple of years. It has been a very hard couple of years, but I am pleased to say, quietly, that I am doing better now and really want to make a point of creating more art in 2011.

It was great seeing everyone I saw; it is a wonderful pleasure to spend time with all of you furry folks. FC is definitely a highlight of my year.

I also want to specially thank everyone who came to me offering support regarding [ profile] eclipsegryph's cockatiel situation. It was gratifying and touching to have so many people care about this. If you don't already know, we won the case and all three birds are now safely home. I haven't written about this since I took the case; as a lawyer, I owe a duty of confidentiality that does not permit discussing such matters in public fora. However, my client and [ profile] kynekh_amagire have made the story public here and in their journals, which I find personally gratifying since this is a case deserving of public interest and concern. So here's my own closure to the matter (including no confidential information and nothing that isn't discussed in much greater detail elsewhere), as a pet owner who once supported Mickaboo and never will again.

This situation should be of great concern to anyone with an interest in pets and pet rescue. Mickaboo's behavior was deplorable and appalling throughout the whole ordeal, and though justice did in fact prevail in the end, a pet owner shouldn't have to fight a corrupt rescue in order to reclaim animals fraudulently surrendered to it by an angry spouse. Some of Mickaboo's volunteers are trying to do good things, but its administration is corrupt and the organization deserves no tolerance or support. Behavior like this harms the birds in Mickaboo's care and the credibility and value of private animal rescue in general.

I have decided to adopt another green cheeked conure some time this spring (more detail about that later) and, wherever I end up getting him, I absolutely will not be adopting from Mickaboo. I urge everyone to continue to boycott the organization and its supporters---but be happy; we won. It's a brand new year, and hopefully this one will be even better than the last.


Sep. 21st, 2010 01:44 pm
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Thanks, [ profile] furtech for letting me know about "Mongrels." It's a BBC sitcom with 'Simpspons'-ish humor featuring animal puppets, and it is quite hilarious.

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This is adorable. Via Kyn. Somewhere in France, an undoubtedly underappreciated animator kicks ass. And all the cute puma cubs drink Orangina.

We can has female version next? With lionesses, maybe.

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It's not just my ducks that were kinky as heck. No really, it's all of them. Here's a fascinating article about the weird sexual proclivities of ducks. There's video.

"There comes a time in every science writer’s career when one must write about glass duck vaginas and explosive duck penises."

Sadly, none of mine survived the winter's raccoon predations, but when the storms stop, I am going to build a bigger and more secure coop in which everyone can be more easily locked up nightly. At that point I'll probably add another chicken hen and perhaps three more duck hens. Even though their penises are in fact fascinating, I'm declining to keep another drake at the moment.

Of course, this just begs the issue of furry porn. Donald, we never knew.

And if that wasn't enough weird biology for one morning, have some solar powered slugs.
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So this weekend I danced at a rave-ish thing while clad in a Victorian ballgown. Many fursuits were present.

I love Further Confusion.

Now Tiger is yowling angrily at the rain, Jez is asleep in a cat bed, and I need some serious sleep.
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OK, so if you are in the furry thing, you've probably seen this meme that keeps going around, where an artist juxtaposes an old and current artwork, often of the same character, to demonstrate how her work and style has changed and improved. They're usually really interesting to look at.

I always feel a little weird, though, when I look at these things and, as sometimes happen, like the older work better than the new. The one I saw today had artist's character, then and now. The new work is extremely skilled (we're talking about a fairly well known artist here; I'm naming no names but it could be a lot of them), very slick, very pro, very computer generated. The old pic was a pencil sketch, pretty but with a great deal less technical sophistication, like something a new artist or talented teenager might doodle in the margins of paper, and it probably was. Still, I think I liked it better. Hard to say exactly why.

I guess traditional media just attract me more as a matter of personal aesthetic, although there's some lovely photoshop-generated art out there that I like a ton. Maybe it's that it seems a little more commercial, like the packaging art on a toy or something. Or perhaps I'm just interested in how an artist's eyes, hands and body interact with that media to create something unique. The photoshopped furry art has this sort of homogeneous plastic look so much of the time. It looks less individual to my eye in some ways.

Of course, CG art also tends to look more professional when you're looking at it on a computer. Maybe I just don't get it; it's certainly true that even cleaning up my work to post in PS is enough of a chore that I can't imagine enjoying computerized artmaking. Takes all kinds, and I'm certainly not down on people who art on a computer or anything, but it makes me sad when someone who's done a lot of trad stuff discovers the electronic media, and then you almost never see anything in real media from them again.

I'm not sure why I'm rambling about this and not finishing this here pile-of-furry-porn (real media, natch). I could do the meme, I guess; I still have pretty much all of my sketchbooks, boxes of them. Don't know that I ever will. Back to ink now.

Fur Meme

Oct. 6th, 2009 10:48 am
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Got this from [ profile] kulan

on to the murrrrrrrrr )
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The Bone Shard progresses. Looks like Danielle has done something unwise. Isn't it always the Vixen's fault...?

Have a Page 18 and Page 19.
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Oh, dear gods. I haven't actually laughed until I cried for some time. Via [ profile] joreth:

You know, they probably weren't even thinking about furry fandom when they made this thing. Appropriate, though; as my fowl prove (Felix is probably going for a hen as I type), ducks are just perverse.

In this general vein, happy Pride weekend! I am staying home, bonding with the new puppy, in favor of going to the city for the parade, though I do want to go to Up Your Alley and the Folsom St. Fair this year---yay, leather! And while we're on the subject of pride, marriage equality and furrydom, go look at this really beautiful image by ShinigamiGirl on FA:, which actually tightened my throat a little when I first saw it.


Jun. 10th, 2009 08:09 pm
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Some Shard and Danielle cuteness. Poor Shard looks a little bit uncertain. Courting a lady you really fancy isn't an easy feat, even when you're dead. Possibly, especially when you're dead. Also on FA.

Drawing 'Bone Shard' is a long, slow, time-consuming process, which of course I knew perfectly well when I started it, but we are so very close to Shard's entry into the story proper and I want to be there. (Technically, she's already been introduced). I'm totally impatient to get to the interactions between these two even though, as I may or may not have mentioned here, Hazyl appears to have hijacked the story.

Also, check out way cool new icon from Mulefoot. Bleeding ears and dangerous eyes, whee!
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Well, I have been annoyingly art blocked recently, due to spring fever and spending so much time outside, as well as some pretty trying times in my emotional life. But, have a page 16 and a page 17. I realize that I did a really crappy job of cleaning up my borders on 17 and will need to redo the whole thing when I'm not tired and in pain. Stupid cramps.

But yeah. Hazyl and Travis. Old...friends?

Oh yes, and you know you like Opabinia. They were so cute.

Bonus swing dancing and topless bunny 'neath the cut )
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From [ profile] foxfeather's journal, a new species of rabbit has been discovered in the forests of Laos and Vietnam.

The little stripey rabbit is utterly lovely. When I'm not drawing other things (I am three commissions behind right now, with three gift pics that I really want finished, two pieces that I want to do and a few pages of Bone Shard that want painting, which I'm doing right now, or rather was before I looked at LJ) I want to design an anthro-bunny based on this species. Hey, it'll be a change from my usual all-canid-and-felid-all-the-time characters, right? Although in my own defense there, I _did_ draw that red panda gal. And, uh, my wolverine characters Trixie and Bluefeather. Although I haven't drawn any of them in months.

My silly furry art aside, the world's beauty stuns me.
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Work on the comic proceeds apace.

Here, have a page 14 and a page 15.

I feel a little compelled to apologize about how slow the pacing on this is; I don't feel that it works as well as a serial as it will as a complete story, which is how ultimately I intend it to be read. I still really appreciate everyone who is reading it as I go along, anyway, and am having fun taking my time developing the thing. Now that a lot of the preliminary introductory first-bit-of-story is winding up, things are about to heat up a bit, and that's enjoyable to work on.

For those who are lately arrived, 'The Bone Shard' is a graphic novel that I'm working on. Furry, Victorian-AU, lesbian romance ghost story. Link to the beginning is on all the pages, it will eventually be rated NC-17 though we haven't gotten there yet (see above about slow pacing) and y'all are welcome to read or ignore it at your leisure.
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Ok, so I saw this little...gem...on [ profile] skorzy's journal, and it's just too hilarious and bizarre, so I'm sharing the pain. This is an upcoming anime film based upon a manga set in the Vietnam war which uses anthropomorphic characters: bunnies for Americans, kitties for various Asians. I can't vouch for the quality of the manga, having never read it, but all I can see looking at this trailer is "dog."

Hey, maybe it will be a brilliant film. I nonetheless cringe and snicker guiltily despite this very real possibility; you guys hand me some crow if it is. Still, as a furry fan and someone who likes to tell stories through the vehicle of anthropomorphic animals, I started poking a little at why I had such a strong reaction to something which in theory I might just like. I quickly came to the conclusion that the concept was fine, but I hated the character designs, which clash with the war theme in this amazing way.

Maybe that's intentional? Even if so, I had less of an 'unsettled so it makes me think' experience and more of an 'I'm being pulled completely out of the drama by the juxtaposition of ultra-cute fuzzy animals and serious, violent plot, to the point where creators have made me LOL unintentionally.' One can go for 'Happy Tree Friends' and one can try for 'Maus', but maybe not at the same time in the same story. Or maybe you can, but the above just failed to pull it off.

There's more, but I cut for length. )


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