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woo, I think I can ride 4 hours today, but it will hurt. Here's a meme from [ profile] a_rowan_dryad to distract me!

1. Make a list of 5 things that you can see without getting up.
a. Psittacus erithacus erithacus
b. Clawfooted bathtub on deck
c. Original artworks by 6 different people
d. Damp plum blossoms with dew drops on them, shining in the fading light
e. chickens in coop outside

2. How do you style your hair?
I tint it purple, but I am too lazy to keep it vivid all the time, so the effect is usually subtle, which is fine with me. I use Manic Panic, uh, I think it's Plum Passion?---the reddish one, not the blue tint. The reddish purples fade attractively, the blue tinted ones do not. I wash it daily if I will be seen in public and every other if I'm just going to be outside being grimy; my hair is very fine and it isn't pleasant, otherwise. I don't really style it much, just brush it, but when dancing I like to keep it in a ponytail with a silk ribbon.

3. What are you wearing now?
I am pedaling, 3 hours shooting for 4. Spandex bike shorts and top. Over 3 years after the breakup with Kestrel and our last tandem ride, I just took my good bike shoes to the shop to have the cleats changed to the same style as my road bike. Baggage much? It was necessary; I had ridden my MTB cleats literally to shreds and ribbons, but I forgot how nice my good cleats feel.

4. What's your occupation?
Complicated, but attorney, solo practitioner.

5. What do you hear right now?
Something techno, and Nikola's occasional whistling.

6. Who was the last person you hugged?

7. What is/was for dinner?
Hm, interesting question. I will want a nice meal after this ride, and dance class later. Maybe Chili's.

8. What's the last tv show you watched?
I'm pretty sure it was an episode of Buffy, 2 weeks ago. I am re-watching it with Kyn; we are still in season 1, but thankfully almost done with that. I just scored a used copy of season 5, which is my favorite overall season. Now I have all the Buffy but season 7 (gloat gloat) and I'm not sure I need that.

9. Dog person or cat person?

10. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
Summer Jackel (Middle name to first, surname mod)

11. What was the last thing that you bought?
2 bales of alfalfa hay, this morning, which I brought to Dancer and Equinox.

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
First Socotra Island, and then Ethiopia. On the way back, somewhere with snorkels and tropical fishies, and after that Florida before home. What? That isn't cheating, is it...?

13. Where do you see yourself in five years?
I don't know. There are a lot of possibilities and hopes, but there are also many variables.

14. Favorite book?
Ha. A few that come to mind are the 'Myth of Sisyphus' by Albert Camus, 'Always Coming Home' by Ursula leGuin, and 'Deerskin' by Robin McKinley.

15. What are you doing this weekend?
A couple of friends may or may not be visiting, so weekend plans are pretty up in the air.

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
I already can play the fiddle, which is my first choice, but I wish I could be much better than I am. If it has to be a different instrument, it would be guitar. EDIT: I would love to be able to play Irish bagpipes really well. I do not want to have to learn to play the pipes, however.

17. How are you?
Can you be a little more specific? But pedaling strong, and happy.

18. What are you doing tomorrow?

19. What are you looking forward to?
Seeing Kyn at dance class tonight. Showing Coba at the obedience trial in Petaluma, in 3 weeks.
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[ profile] prickvixen made this up, and I thought it was cool. Then I did it, and LMAO at my results. So here it is:

Think of a word beginning with the letter 'A'. Note the first word which comes into your head. Then immediately think of a word beginning with 'B', and so on, through the entire alphabet. Try not to look at or revisit your notes during this process. Nonsense words are absolutely allowed.

When you're finished, post the words and these rules in your LJ; put the entire list behind an lj-cut so that you don't hijack someone's thoughts accidentally. Repeat as necessary.


I definitely need to go to sleep now, and hey, the chicks in the living room have stopped cheeping, bonus! The wolf and the collie are both fast asleep, facing each other, with their foreheads smooshed together. It is so very mind-meltingly cute. I am glad I have them, even though they don't always succeed in keeping raccoons at bay. Loves my puppies.

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Coba claims to have killed his first rat this morning! He presented a big gray rat at Timothy's feet, and all were impressed. I don't know if he is taking credit for someone else's good deed, or if my fluffy pink-pawed little housefox parfait actually did something that useful, but I praised lots (and gave Tiger some tuna, just in case). Good dog! Of course, I'm not thrilled by the rat itself, but I do see one every few years.

Coba sez he is a Fierce Guard Dog and posted about it on Facebook.

OK, meme time. I just did this on [ profile] troubleagain's LJ, and am spreading for a couple of reasons. A: I'm on a bike, hour 3, and need a distraction and B: I do have a few new/ish arrivals here who may not have some basic info about me. So here goes. Play and repost if you choose and, especially if I might not otherwise know, feel invited to tell me about yourself.

In the comments, if you would be so kind, copy and replace my answers to the following questions in as much detail as you feel comfortable with.

Some basic-ish stuff about Jackel 'neath the cut )
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This meme ANNOYED me, because how are some of these things stupid?!?!?! And yet, I find myself with downtime at work, and thusly am doing it.

EDIT: If singing while playing Rock Band counts as karaoke, then I've done that, too. Just not, you know, drunk at a bar.

In my not particularly humble opinion, it's just a random have-you-done-stuff sampling, many of the items not particularly stupid things. )
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, summer_jackel sent to me...
Twelve chickens drumming
Eleven birds piping
Ten animals a-leaping
Nine huskies dancing
Eight werewolves a-milking
Seven cats a-writing
Six parrots a-backpacking
Five ara-a-a-abian horses
Four wolf hybrids
Three bombay cats
Two wild canids
...and a catfish in a taxidermy.
Get your own Twelve Days:

I don't know if I want to envision *milking* werewolves. There are so many ways that could be taken, all of them wrong on various levels.

And then there's

In 2009, summer_jackel resolves to...
Lose ten wild felids by March.
Find a new morbid.
Eat more wolf hybrids.
Connect with my inner fish.
Cut down to ten thoroughbreds a day.
Cut down on my writing.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I TOTALLY need to connect with my inner fish more in the coming year. Y'know, that's what's been missing in my life. I need to nurture my inner fish. And my morbid HAS been getting threadbare, it's true. Obviously I need new goth clothes.

Adopt one today! and Adopt one today! are wee pixeldragon waifs who need your affection. Alas, their sister recently perished for want of...something, I don't know, I posted her around, she should have lived.

Word to the wise hedonist: Trader Joe's chocolate liqueur cherries are very, very good. When taken on the hour, they are very good for your creative juices. They are not, however, food, and eventually your body will rebel.

Sorry guys, I am a little loopy right now. I've been arting all afternoon. BUT...I have some nice Yule gifts and what promises to be an adequate fursuit, which will be debuted to all those who will see me at FC next month.

I should eat and get ready for stuff now.
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Answer-the-questions sort of meme from [ profile] skye_ds 'neath cut.

Also, Adopt one today!, Adopt one today! and also Adopt one today! are bitty pixeldragons.

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It granted me amusement but I didn't feel like putting it up on FA, so here it is.
...Yeah, I'm home. There are awesome pics. I'll post them when I'm more awake.

1. Open your music library.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.
7. ???


Opening Credits:
Stories, Maura O'Connell. From the Women of the World: Celtic CD.
...Pretty cute, mellow, Celticy piece. Neat.

Waking Up:
World Leader Pretend, REM

First Day At School:
October, Lydia Busler-Blais
This is classical, with the French horn played by Lucy's sister-in-law, one of the country's premier French horn players.

Falling In love:
Against the Wind, Mairé Brennan, ALSO from the Women of the World: Celtic CD. WTF???

Fight Song:
Seoithin, Karan Casey
My life has a very Celtic soundtrack so far, which isn't a surprise at all given my ipod contents. Still, I fight more gently than I fall in love, apparently.

Breaking Up:
Ned of The Hill, Cherish the Ladies
This is more Celtic, this time a beautiful instrumental lament done mostly on solo Irish flute. How fitting.

Ani DiFranco, Served Faithfully
OK that's just weird. But given how I felt about proms when I was in high school (thankfully I attended a high school that didn't have one, although apparently there was a Nonesuch Prom at least once, and it was properly weird) this kinda works.

Life's OK:
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting With Eric, Charles Mingus
It's a groovy Jazz instrumental. Sweet.

Mental Breakdown:
Whiskey Before Breakfast, David Holt & Doc Watson
An Irish chestnut that made it into the Old-Time American repertoire (as is played in this version). I swear to dog I'm doing this strictly by the directions above. ipod oracle, you are a creepy beast.

Bottle, Copper Wimmin
Oooh, dark one.

Whispering Pines, Dar Williams
Dark and dreamy one. Again with the creepy ipod.

Getting Back Together:
Mack the Knife, Bobby Darin
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Which girl am I getting back together with, with THIS as a soundtrack?!?!?! And who's doing the biting?!

Single Girl, Pat Caroll from the Songcatcher album
...OK NOW I'm creeped. And LMAO. This trad. tune is all about how the protagonist woman is totally miserable being married. Avalon Rising's 'Do You Love an Apple' is a much gentler varient of the basic concept than this one, in which the woman's children are starving and her husband beats both them and her.

Birth of Child:
Can't we Be Friends, Ella Fitzgerald
Snerk. The ipod demon is telling me that my plans never to marry or breed are sound, apparently. It's a breakup song.

Final Battle:
Should I Stay or Should I Go, The Clash

Death Scene:
Carhop, Los Straitjackets
...I have a Los Straitjackets song for my *death scene?* duuuuuuude.

Funeral Song:
Wounded Hussar, Tres Lunas
It's another lament, this time with harp and fiddle. The ipod demon is definitely cooperating with this meme.

End Credits
Jump, Jive 'n Wail, Brian Setzer

...ok, well there you have it! 0_o

Also, Adopt one today!.


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