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I haven't done one of these for awhile!


The hound continues to grow.

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Outlaws Cobalt Gambit is four today.


I love my complicated little blue ankle accessory! He is a fantastic companion.

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I have raised two puppies recently and closely observed a third---which is to say, I am all too familiar with the phenomenon that, no matter how many pictures you think you're taking of the puppy, you are not, in fact, taking enough of the puppy, because OMG how on EARTH did that thing GROW so MUCH?????. This phenomenon is even more accentuated with Derzhava, whose skull has been known to change shape during the night or while I'm at work. The growth plates on her leg joints are looking more knobbly and distorted this morning, which probably means that the next thing she's going to work on is height.

See what I mean?


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My Solstice was beautiful. Things are well with me right now, the world is gorgeous and green, and even politics are doing nice things; my love to New York!

In celebration, a bunch of random animal pics as I make an attempt on a three hour ride.

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It's been a busy week in the best way. I'm now 35 (as of the 31st). I'm loved by some wonderful people, and am very happy and grateful for that.


Check out the cake that [ profile] kynekh_amagire made me. It is a rainbow catfish cake! The woman has SKILLZ, ok?

An assortment of various photos: cake, cats, beachdogs, alien dinosaur people and garden brags. )

May May May

May. 3rd, 2011 01:16 pm
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I think the cross-quarters are my favorite times of year. It's so pretty and sunny and green right now.

Nikolai update; pictures of birds, cats and a little spider under the cut )
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A photopost! We'll start with the collective pack of Kyn and myself, politely sitting until released to play. All four dogs looking in the same direction omg.


By the way, I know that my use of "sessile" wasn't exactly correct in the last post, but it was close enough and I wanted to use it so I did. Sufficiently accurate for poetry?

dogs who love to visit surf and the things who live there. )
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If you aren't sick of posts from me yet, here are a couple of photos of my pet tarantulas. Cleaning Chanterelle's box gave me a rare unimpeded look at her.

if spiders bother you, please don't click this. )

Bird Spam

Feb. 25th, 2011 05:12 pm
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There is a grey African parrot in my living room. I am pedaling hard and listening to music as well as to the parrot, who is whistling excitedly. It's subtle but, I believe, unmistakable; the bird is attempting to match tone and beat to the music. He isn't very good at it, but he's getting enough of it right to convince me that I'm not imagining things. He takes long breaks to listen and is quiet when he's working on it, more confident when he has it right. Adorable. Nicholas Greybird, who I'll be calling "Nikola" in the future due to preexisting associations with "Nicki," is eleven years old; I wonder how good he'll be at whistling along with music when he's in his thirties?

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Life's good.


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Some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Is it odd that I find the below-referenced song resonant and comforting?


a shelt that is grey, collie that's grey, an ocean that's grey )


Nov. 12th, 2010 01:40 pm
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Kittypix have been requested, and after all, how fair is it that the pack is so over-represented just because I can take them to picturesque places? Felines demand representation (and tuna). So I give you: Cats, cats and nothing but the cats!


Magic and Trucker say "ok fine, where's the tuna?"

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Marie Lake was one of the most lovely I've seen.


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So, last month, [ profile] kynekh_amagire and I made an intrepid quest to the other side of the bay for large, fuzzy pet spiders. When I was an adolescent, I kept a rose-haired tarantula named Gala, lost her to a bad shed, and have wanted another ever since. I'm not currently seeing anyone who seems horribly averse to impressively-sized spiders in the house (at least not that they've mentioned), and Kyn, of course, actively encourages that sort of thing, so away we went.

'Ken, the Bug Guy' ( is a very small office/storefront with a warehouse in the back. They have a wide range of animals that are healthy and, of particular importance to me, at least in some cases captive bred or captive hatched. I will mention that the practice of removing wildlife from other countries (often third-word) and selling it here is morally questionable on a number of levels and quietly refrain from further ranting, but suffice to say that this is an issue which concerns me. Still, I wanted a pet tarantula and this place offered some that were more ethical in provenance than many. Also, he had captive bred wolf spiderlings. I have missed the Lady in Velvet, and she needed a successor.

This post is totally about spiders, so you don't want to peek beneath the cut if you don't like them. But here's something else really cute and not spider-related...I kept the parrots up late the other night, and so Gavin was still asleep in his birdy sleeping bag when I took their covers off. He's usually out of bed by the time I get the camera out, but I think it's just adorable that the conure likes to sleep in his soft, fuzzy blanket.



now, spiders )


Jun. 1st, 2010 01:27 pm
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Other than a touch of craziness with my mom, I had a fantastic weekend. Friday was a lovely gathering with dear friends in the East Bay that included cupcakes, epic piles of Indian food and some really good news. [ profile] kynekh_amagire came over for the weekend, and we went to the beach with the dogs, hiked around a bit and generally had fun. Also, piles of fresh and delicious fish from Bodega Bay and a Midori cake that Kyn made and decorated with a cuttlefish. Seriously.


Cuttlefish Midori cake was really yummy. Also, I am 34 and not dead! Yay?

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Photos from the last few weeks. I love this time of year.


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May. 5th, 2010 05:23 pm
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I hate to be without ducks, and I am duckless no longer. Meet Sauvage and Sirah, the two newest additions to my poultry yard. They're black Indian Runners, and hopefully at least one of them is a hen who will lay lovely eggs.

The chicken coop retrofit is about half done, with the chicks now safely outside in an unlovely but raccoon-proof coop. By the time these cuties feather and are ready to live outside, all should be finished. Until then, they are living in the house, being adorable, disgusting little messy, water-loving ducks. yay!


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Today's was a great walk. Standing in the middle of swarming bees, even for a moment, was an amazing, emotionally complex experience, but it isn't exactly something I could get pictures of. This was a great day for wildlife sightings, though. The reptiles are coming out of dormancy, everything is in bloom, and it was glorious.


photographs from today; wildflowers, wildlife, my pack. Snakes 'n spiders warning. )
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Yesterday, it was warm and lovely on the ridge, which is in full spring mode. It was gorgeous, and just windy enough to make sheltie fluff look elegant and windswept...


More glamsheltie shots under the cut, as well as wildlife and wildflowers.

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[ profile] kynekh_amagire and I both have a quantity of puppies for whom throwing at scenery is a very good solution. The spring has been singingly beautiful, and the day before yesterday we enjoyed a long hike.

Here's my favorite pic from the day:


and here are approximately three zillion more )


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