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Sadly, I have let myself get a few pounds heavier than I prefer in the last couple of months, and am therefore decreasing fatty food and increasing ride time. Although I do get birthday cake this weekend, dammit. Still, here I am, pedaling hard and trying to keep a sustained, raised heartrate and cadence, which hurts, so I think I'll vent a bit of people-are-stupid-about-dogs rage to take my mind off of it. I've been meaning to bitch about all three of these things for awhile, so here you have them, all at once. Feel free to ignore long, vitriolic ranting under the cut.

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So I went to Home Despot this evening to get an industrial sized floor mat for the doggie door area, because as it turns out the only thing I loathe more than cleaning (and I really, really do) is having 8 sets of muddy little paws turn the place back into a dirt floor again an hour later.

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Circuit CIty going out of business is, I know, a very bad sign of a chilling economic crisis...although I must admit that I boycotted the place because they were rotten to their employees, and I am kind of glowing about their death. Regardless of whether I should be scared or chortling about the chain's demise, however, I have been making out like a bandit on scavenging its bloated carcass. New scanner, external hard drive (to back up my data, because I know that eventually this aging computer will die and lose all my stuff), and a prize toy I've been coveting for years: an actual camera of the type where you can change the lenses, etc. It's a Sony DSLR-a200, it was very cheap (relative to its usual price, not my budget...ow), it is bewilderingly shiny and I have no idea how to use it in a competent fashion. Photographers out there, feel free to give helpful input. Please.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of something I meant to rant about. During some downtime at work, I was reading through the manual for this new scary electronic thing I inflicted on my life. After awhile, my mystified cohort says "wow, I've never seen anyone actually read one of those before." We both have a few laughs over this (me thinking of that T-shirt Thinkgeek sells which says 'RTFM,' as well as all of the computer experts/tech support people I know who I can easily visualize snarling, "yes! Read the *&^! manual! PLEASE"). Cohort then follows up with, "yeah, I usually just get a man to explain these things to me."

I must have given her kind of an eloquent look (I didn't intend it, I swear), because when I looked up from my manual, her eyes went huge and she started backpedaling like crazy. Keep in mind that this is a smart, reasonably well educated and self-sufficient 30something woman who I somewhat enjoy as a friend, and that I'm convinced she was totally serious when she said this.

Face, meet desk. Oh, so much feminist fail.

So anyway, feel free to give me pointers on how to use my new device. I did actually read the manual, but I remain full of amatuerish lack of clue. I am inviting advice from men too, although of the three semi-pro/professional level photographers who I know read this journal, two are women.


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The below-linked article discusses how "Palin, as mayor, signed off on the initiative that forced rape victims or their insurance companies to foot the bill for the post-assault exam kits."

I know that I'm mostly preaching to the choir here, but we can't elect these people. I don't use the term 'evil' lightly, but this is an example of it, guys. There are so many more reasons than this to vote against McCain, but with this one on the table we don't really need them. Share the link as needed.
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FYI for those of you not in CA: Measure 8 is the bit of evilness on the ballot now that would nullify same-sex marriages and prevent future ones in our beautiful state. I'm tucked away in a happy little liberal oasis and so I have been spared seeing the vomit-worthy 'Yes on 8' signs anywhere near my home until today. *

I'm trying to decide whether stealing all of these signs I can find and burning them is immature and beneath me or whether I should let Pryderi pee all over them first.

Phone-banking against it would probably be more useful, and I'll more than likely start doing so later this week. I hate politics, I loathe initiating conversation with strangers. I have a serious telephone aversion. I'm going to do it anyhow. Someone ought to suffer for this.

While we're on politics, I just watched a bit of last night's debate (yawn) and was very the most unfavorable possible his scowling and grimacing-faces during Obama's speechifying. To say nothing of his even worse behavior previously. [ profile] starchy Does a better job than I would of explaining why I'm pissed on a level that goes beyond my personal liberal politics about what's passing for a conservative worthy of respect these days, and why I think you all should be too. When a serious candidate for office behaves like a surly and ill behaved fifth grader, I become concerned. Anger tends to find its source in fear or pain, after all.

* My personal stance on marriage, that it's a kind of distasteful and outmoded legal/social concept, hasn't changed. The probability of me ever ending up in a legal marriage is incredibly slim. Who knows, though, maybe if the right girl was wanting it. Why I care about this issue nonetheless ought to be pretty obvious).
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Background. Over the last couple of days, I've talked to AT&T wireless people about four-five times, in the course of getting my cell number off of Lucy's plan and onto one of my own. Lucy is in Covelo now, we are no longer together, it makes sense. This thing I'm ranting about bothered me then, but tonight, calling them AGAIN after I apparently lost my *&^%$#@!!!!! cell phone, it just...really bothered me.

Subject of rant: So, you call AT&T. After going through enough sufficient menu options to make certain you are good and grumpy, you finally talk to a warm body, who gives you enough canned-AT&T catchphrases and sales pitches that you wonder if you might still be talking to a machine. Creepy. And then she helps you; so far so good, my salespeople did everything they were trying to do smoothly and efficiently. Also yay! I get a new phone tomorrow, gratis. Problem? At the end, they ask you how their service was, on a 1 to 5 scale.

...say what, again?

When you are in college rating your profs at the end of the semester, or any other 'rate your service' kind of situation I've ever, I think, encountered, your rating is anonymous. Why seems blatantly obvious. As a customer, I'm not going to give someone a bad rating to their face. Beyond that, though, it feels exploitative and just horribly rude somehow for an employer to ask this of its phonestaff.

I've been blessed never to have been subjected to any kind of customer service job; I loathe interacting with many strangers, especially when I have no avenue of escape from them. On top of that, I have a pretty deeply conditioned aversion to the telephone. I know not everyone would hate these jobs as much as I would, but still, I've friends who are tech support folk and such, and there are horror stories. How could you submit your employees to the humiliating experience of asking a particularly nasty, irate and/or abusive customer to "rate" them, and then presumably enter the rating into the database for the boss to see?

That's what rankles me; it's such forced-subservient behavior, and if it were me being asked to do this by my boss I would feel poorly used and rebellious. I mean, these people already act like trained spaniels.

I will welcome overt displays of submission only when they are offered of the person's own will and desire, not on pain of losing their job. A power imbalance like that is humiliating to both of us. I don't appreciate being made complicit in this.

Maybe that's at the core of why I've not done terribly well in the professional world, right there.
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So, this post is going to be about politics and religion, both of which I generally do my best to avoid, but I can't resist this one. Usual caveat that this is meant with all respect to religious friends (and you may like my conclusion, guys) but there will be snark.

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