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Sweet, this is a bit of Rosegarden I needed to write eventually anyway. It fits into Lial's early emancipation sequence.


Which OC wears hair accessories?


Lial stepped out onto the staff balcony, into the sun, and the net of tiny crystals worked into her long hair seemed to ignite into pale-yellow fire. Her white robe was of the simplest cut, but Zela blinked at the unlikely marvel that she’d made of her already eye-catching tresses.

Zela realized she was staring, returned herself to appropriate distance, but didn’t grudge signing ‘impressive’ into their shared context. Valerai was still staring, but in a different way, her expression a thoughtful, head-cocked perplexity not at all unlike the wolfhound standing quietly beside her, as though trying to understand rather than admire what she was seeing.

The jeweled net worked part of Lial’s hair into an interlocking spiral that began at her temples, made a tight coil down the back of her neck, and spilled in scintillation down her back. A faceted stone of clear yellow glittered at her brow. It was the same bright, clear yellow as her eyes, and it was to this Valerai looked askance.

Lial’s usual regal distance had a different quality as she stared calmly into the middle distance, her expression an absence framed by the intricate crystals, and Valerai scrutinized her in the way her dog sniffed the air, trying to understand.

“Will it impress the audience?” She spoke with the inflection of one who had been taught late how inflection was meant to work in human language. In-city formal, and now Zela thought she understood the Yls-vel accent—God.

“Ought to,” shrugged Zela. “Hey Valerai, you’re staring. Nice hair. Come on, we’d better get out there.”
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Which OC always chooses ‘truth’ in games of truth or dare?

When she was young, before the capture, Zela always chose the dare. She and her brother would make dares constantly, if in secret, and then act on them to great effect when the time came right.

Later, afterwards, dare games made her uncomfortable, even when the children played them. She would be angry, and then angry at herself, but Ebril understood her and ignored it. He was such a gentle child. He liked to take the dares, but Zela only asked for truth.
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The Yllaii undoubtedly have some kind of religious requirements around butchery / food preparation analogous to kosher or halal. This certainly forbids vayans from handling their food.

Given that they are a small ethnic minority in Urkatriabek, how do they get around this?

What issues does Zela face finding food? Early in immigration, this is a huge issue with the Yllaii. Zela will have eaten inappropriate food as the only option, and felt sick/terrible about it.

When Valerai brings her meat, does she do something at the time of kill to make certain it will be ok for Zela (this would be a great small detail to add in 'Hunger and the white stag.')

Add this somewhere in the 'young Valerai and Zela getting to know each other' sequences. The two do not start out well together, but when Valerai finds out Zela has this kind of need, she will unquestioningly do the thing...Getting The Food, Doing That Correctly is Valerai's whole life, after all, and she is much more comfortable adjusting her methods/ saying the right prayer /etc. than Zela expects.

This will contrast with a point where Zela is otherwise put out/surprised by the absolute authority Valerai unconsciously assumes in hunting, especially when she is, early on, so frightened and submissive elsewhere. This is part of Zela's process of getting to know Valerai and obtaining a sense of who she is and what her life was like before immigration.

Confused Zela: "But you don't even like me. Why are you taking this so seriously?"

Confused Valerai: "What does liking you have to do with it? Food for you must be done in X way, you are one of the people I am now hunting for, ergo I must do X thing. Liking you has nothing do do with it.
...but actually, you are incorrect; I do like you."
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Zela clearly does not have a religious proscription against alcohol, or 'scene 52. Revelry; return' won't fly. It seems as though they would have rules around it, especially how and when, so perhaps think about that and add it somewhere.

Perhaps the Yllaii originally had harsher restrictions around booze, and that is one of the things that changed culturally during their generations of rebellion. Alcohol is a human invention, or at least if the vayans invented distillery they did it independently, or with the help of captive humans. Zela embraces her religion and culture more as her arc progresses, not less, so add something about this somewhere.


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